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 Challenge Rules

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PostSubject: Challenge Rules   Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:25 pm

Challenges at The Mermaid's Tail are different than Contests.

Contests have prizes that you can win should you decide to participate.
Contests have slightly stricter rules, because entries will be judged to determine a winner.

Challenges do not have prizes, but some have tokens; or gifts to thank you for completing the challenge.
Everyone who completes the challenge is entitled to the gift if that particular challenge has one.
Most Challenges dont have stirct regulations, are here just for fun, enjoyment, forum interaction, and skill advancement.
Because of our No-Currency Policy, you will not recieve forum funds for completing a challenge.
Challenges are for pure enjoymenet, and to help you advance your dolling skills, while being an active member of The Mermaid's Tail.

rules for challenges:
Please keep it PG13.
and Have fun:-)
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Challenge Rules
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