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 first dolling post on here ^_^

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PostSubject: first dolling post on here ^_^   Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:25 am

not adoptable - my avitar for forums atm
not adoptable - my signature atm
adoptable - Halloween girl - Casual
adoptable - Halloween girl - Formal
adoptable - Halloween girl - Semi-Formal
adoptable - Halloween girl - Swimwear
adoptable - Halloween girl - group
base cred

adoptable - my old av on Gaia [its changed drastically since i made this]
base cred

not adoptable - I missed my boyfriend last night... he's in Vegas for the week with his hockey/american soccer friends. He brought his Mac with him so he'll be able to take a peak at it.
adoptable - same thing just without the words
base cred

not adoptable - i was sad and he hugged me...
base cred

adoptable - just felt like dolling a scarf, mostly rushed. not my best work but i like it enough to post
base cred

not adoptable - uhm..let's see... self explanitory?
base cred

adoptable - while watching my guy try out for the pro roller hockey team at the castle [the rink he plays aat] I got the devil's rejects stuck in my head and had to doll my interpretation... THIS IS NOT BABY!! just so y'all know...
adoptable - made this for a not-so-clear tutorial for my little cousin. she's just starting to get into dolling so i thought i'd help, but my tut didnt sooo...i still got a great doll out of it!!!
base cred

adoptable - girly on her celly getting dressed
adoptable - was my first av for Glam! and I thought it a waste to let it collect cyber dust and not share it with everyone
base cred

adoptable - kinda sorta reminds me of a half assed cross dress of Naruto... not one hundred percent sure but i like her
base cred

adoptable - just playing with hair pallets... even though i do love how the outfit turned out
base cred

not adoptable - me sporting my fav ice hockey team!! Smile
base cred

^_^ I hope ya'll like my mass upload. CC is greatly appreciated and encouraged!! I love to hear all of your comments, good or bad!! okies byebyes for now!!

x santa
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PostSubject: Re: first dolling post on here ^_^   Fri Nov 14, 2008 1:24 pm

o my goodness! so much to look at!
sorry for the late LATE response.

I like your style- its so fun, hope to see more dolls comming from you soon!
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first dolling post on here ^_^
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